Do you find yourself feeling sad most or all of the time?  

Is getting out of bed and facing the day often unbearable? 

Do you find yourself isolating or spending more and more time alone?

Depression can be used to describe a range of feelings, from boredom / discontent to extreme sadness and finding it harder and harder to live in your daily life.  There are many reasons that depression affects so many people. Depression can mean sadness or the blues for some, or deep despair and an overwhelming feeling that life is too difficult for others.

Finance, relationships, unresolved feelings from the past and low self-esteem can all be factors that can lead to Depression. Difficult relationships, family dysfunction or a traumatic event that has not been healed can all be addressed in therapy.

Therapy can help you:

  • Discover what might be at  the root of your depression
  • Help you feel more fufilled in your life
  • Develop a more compassionate relationship with yourself