There are many reasons to seek out and experience therapy.  Whether you are in a crisis or feel like it’s time to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your behaviors, the journey of therapy can provide healing and a better quality of life.

Individual Therapy can give you a place to gain insight into your relationship patterns.  The therapy process can help one identify why they may keep repeating the same behaviors and  often end up unhappy with the results.  Therapy can help individuals to discover how to have more choice in one’s life.  This can help improve all types of relationships: romantic, parent/child, friendships, co-workers, etc.

Couples Therapy can help partners increase their communication skills and gain or re-gain emotional and sexual intimacy. It can be for couples who are newly involved, been in a long-term relationship/marriage or are considering separation/divorce.

Group Therapy offers individuals to share amongst peers who can offer support.  In a group, we can all learn from each other. Shared experiences and learning in a group setting can be a very powerful experience.



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