Couples Therapy

Is your relationship turning out like you thought it would?

Do you feel like your partner does not listen or understand you?

Do you want to have a relationship that is filled with more joy, connection and happiness?

 Many couples struggle in their relationships.  Whether it’s from daily pressure such as finances, balancing parenthood and working, or something more extreme such as an ill or dying parent, step children /ex-spouses or a job change, the end result is often a lack of intimacy and communication.  

 Many of us had poor role modeling and often did not start off with the greatest foundation for a healthy, loving relationship.  Sometimes, we hold in our hurts and fears and end up feeling more anger and disappointment than love and respect towards our partner.  Relationships can go through many phases and sometimes it can be helpful to have a therapist guide you and help you communicate and adjust to challenges.  

Couples can benefit from therapy in many ways:

  • It can help improve communication and sexual intimacy
  • It can give people the opportunity to express themselves in a safe environment
  • People can start identifying the patterns that are occurring within their relationship and change them.

 Your relationship doesn’t need to be ordinary, it can be extraordinary.